MGH Global Health Travel Awards

In an effort to extend the Massachusetts General Hospital commitment to the health of our global neighbors, Global Health Travel Awards support the Mass General community to pursue research, training and clinical service opportunities worldwide.


All staff and faculty of Mass General are eligible for travel awards.

Award Details

Up to $2,000 are available per award. Travel awards are solely to support domestic or international air travel. Tickets must be procured via the Partners preferred travel vendor Great GetAways Travel.

Application Instructions

Applications must be submitted online at Applications via email are not accepted. Please read the instructions carefully. All fields must be completed and the following documents uploaded before your application can be submitted.

  • Brief description of the project, purpose of travel and program goals (not to exceed 1 page)
  • Letter of support from Mass General department manager, supervisor or program director. Letters must be signed and on official letterhead.
  • Letter of support from local organization, collaborator or host describing the relevance and impact of travel. Letters must be signed and on official letterhead.
  • Current CV/resume
  • Certificate of completion from UN Basic Security in the Field Training ( This online course from the UN Department of Safety and Security provides basic safety and security preparedness for working overseas.
  • If your travel involves research, you will need to upload a copy of all relevant IRB approvals.
  • You must attest to having taken an International Health, Safety and Security (IHSS) Course with Partners International Risk Manager Ryan Wildes. This session aims to train and educate travelers about basic health, safety, and security while traveling, and is offered twice a month at MGH Global Health. For more information, including a schedule of upcoming courses and a detailed syllabus, please go here

Award Terms

  • Travel Award applications will be reviewed by the Global Health Travel Award Committee on a rolling basis. Applications should be submitted a minimum of 90 days before the date of expected travel to ensure adequate review time.
  • Travel Awards must be used (e.g. tickets purchased through Great GetAways or Egencia) within 90 days of the award date. Failure to use funds within this timeframe will result in loss of award and require re-application.
  • Travel Awards are solely for international or domestic air travel. Awards will not support any other costs, including but not limited to: housing, ground transport, food, fees, visas, supplies or equipment. Travel awards cannot be used to support conference attendance.
  • Travel Awards are solely for economy class tickets. Awards cannot be used to upgrade an existing airline ticket.
  • Awardees with fares exceeding the $2,000 limit are required to reimburse MGH Global Health for the difference.
  • Award recipients are required to submit a 1-2 page report and a photograph documenting their travel within 30 days of their return. Non-compliance may result in their department becoming ineligible to receive travel awards until the issue has been resolved. By accepting this award, awardees give permission for the Mass General Global Health to use trip reports and media for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • Support from the MGH Global Health should be mentioned in any subsequent publications or presentations derived from this award.
  • Limit one travel award per year per person. There are no limits to the number of times you can apply in a single year.
  • Many countries require passports with a minimum of six months validity. MGH Global Health is not responsible for securing visas.
  • Please make an appointment with the MGH Travel Clinic (or equivalent) to ensure you have all the necessary immunizations and medications for your travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My flight only costs $1,000. May I use the unused portion for a second trip later in the year?
A: No. The award covers only a single round‐trip itinerary per year. You are welcome to apply again next year for a 2nd trip.

Q: My flight only costs $1,000. May I use the unused portion for a second destination on same trip?
A: Yes. The award supports a single, round‐trip itinerary per year. However, your proposal must offer a compelling explanation of the value of the second destination and provide additional letters of support from the additional organizations involved in your trip.

Q: My abstract was accepted to the International AIDS Conference in 2016. Can I apply for a travel award to support my travel to the conference?
A: No. Travel awards are not intended for conference attendance.

Q: I already booked my airfare and paid for it personally. Can I still apply and be reimbursed?
A: No. Tickets must be booked through Great GetAways and charged directly to MGH Global Health. We are unable to reimburse you for tickets already purchased.

Q: My flight only costs $1,000. May I use the unused portion of my award for housing and transportation costs in- country?
A: No. The travel award supports only international or domestic air travel.

Q: I know I want to work in Rwanda but have not selected my partner organization. Can I still apply?
A: No. Complete applications include letters of support from host organizations. Your application is incomplete without the letter of support.

Q: I am a resident in a joint MGH/BWH training program. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. Travel awards are available to the entire MGH community.

Q: I have a letter of support from my host organization but have not yet confirmed my absence request from my manager. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. Your travel award will be conditionally funded with the understanding that the dates of travel will be resolved within the 90 days allowed to purchase your tickets. Failure to use the funds withinthe 90 days will require re‐application.

Q: I have travelled internationally before and/or have worked abroad. Do I still have to take the international health, safety, and security training?
A: Yes. We strive to create a culture of safety and security and these trainings are brief but very important. All applicants are required to attend the course, regardless of past experience. You can learn more about it here.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jason Harlow at