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Caitrin Kelly, MD, MPH

Global Medicine Alumni

Dr. Caitrin Kelly graduated from Emory University Medical School.  She is currently a team leader for the Indiana University AMPATH partnership in Kenya.

What attracted you to the MGH Global Medicine program?
I was attracted to the MGH Global Medicine Program because it provided funding and protected time throughout residency to pursue global health work at our partner site in Uganda. There were very few programs that allowed for this kind of longitudinal experience.

As a resident here, what have you loved about the program?
I really appreciated having the time on multiple away blocks to really get to know our partners in Uganda and understand the challenges of clinical care in a public hospital teaching hospital there.

How has the program prepared you to be a leader in global health?
I think the strong clinical training at MGH in addition to the clinical experiences in a low resource setting, and potential for research mentors at MGH opens up the door to many opportunities after residency training.

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